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Cutting Edge Solutions for retail industry

Grand Connect is at the heart of Smart connected retail.

By connecting multiple devices and software solutions we provide retailers with powerful insights into customer behaviour and product engagement.

Grand Connect

We develop applications built around PTC's ThingWorx IOT platform

Our areas of focus include:

Smart Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are an untapped source of valuable data. Through our Smart Dressing Room solution brands can understand consumer buying behaviour, customers perception on fit, quality and price. The solution is multi-tiered and can be enhanced with smart mirrors and RFID. 

Smart Staffing

Staffing costs are rising. Through the Smart Staffing app management can optimise staff roles, allocate tasks and create a sense of community amongst the team. This solution is multi-tiered and can be enhanced with the use of beacons and RFID.

Smart Digital Signage

In-store displays are usually unintelligent screens that display content via CMS. Our solution allows displays to be smart and connected. Displays now work with other devices like cameras, RFID and customer loyalty apps. This turns a display into a intelligent marketing machine with a significant ROI.

Brand Engagement

Brands who rely on big box retailers usually have little understanding of how their products are perceived by customers. Grand Connect's solution has two parts - firstly a brand can feed information to a retailer, ensuring that it’s brand is appropriately represented; secondly the retailer can also provide data back to the brand, allowing for the brand to understand how customers engage with its products.

Grand Connect
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We optimize existing solutions for retail industry based on client's hardware and software.

We are planning and delivering "Connected" and "Smart Store" solutions, by using client's existing network of physical devices, and other items embedded with electronics, software and sensors to connect them, collect, exchange, process data and provide valuable data insights;


We build connected IoT based ecosystem of hardware and software on market-proven retail industry use cases.

By connecting existing hardware components (cameras, POS terminals, RFID readers and tags, smart mirrors and other components) we leverage their capabilities and reveal all hidden data. By connecting their data, we provide "online store"-like experiences and insights to store owners and managers. Data organized into Dashboards and Mashups helps decesion makers to understand better their customers and stores in general. Based on raw and aggregated data, they can make decisions easier and plan ahead, even to integrate the information into early PLM processes.

We also build software (so called ThingWorx agents) for clients hardware, that enables the connection of components and data usage.

We build our solutions on top of PTC's ThingWorx platform.


We connect different hardware and software data and provide recommendations and solutions for retail store and PLM in a form of dashboards and reports.

On top of that, we connect partners, hardware vendors, software and data companies to work together and generate new retail solutions to their customers.


We provide custom online and offline support for retail industry solutions.

Grand Connect Ltd.

Providing cutting edge solutions for you industry. We connect hardware and software, we collect, and connect data, we optimize and deliver full scale solutions for the retail industry.

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